Manifesto of the Forums for the Concord

As free and democratic citizens living and working in Aragon, Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Valencia, beyond legitimate individual political preferences,  we declare our willingness to a coexistence that rests upon values of ethical humanism and mutual respect and understanding, as well as to the renewal and strengthening of historical links.  

We deem that our voice bears particular features of its own, based on a  long common past that was built in concord, from our Mediterranean view of the world, and a vocation for a joint involvement in the construction of Europe. Those are values not sufficiently expressed, nor furthered by any public or private institution today.

In the wake of the Concordia de Alcañiz of 1412, a significant consensus in the history of our peoples, we propose the creation of an area of open dialogue, critical and constructive, that shall generate ideas, promote and foster projects, and encourage agreements in matters of common concern.

All issues will be addressed in forums with a broad and intentional focus on social concord, from a cosmopolitan and European standpoint. They shall rest on the conviction that a joint effort is the best means of achieving common goals, and share a willingness for conciliation as a way towards the settlement of potential conflicts.  

The Forums’ resolutions and announcements shall be drawn up in the languages of the territories that constituted the former Crown of Aragon referred to at the beginning of this manifesto, and will be translated into English.